The Net Awards 2014

It’s that time of the year again when the long list of nominees is declared for the Net Awards 2014. Read on to know who am I voting this summer for Net Awards 2014.

Dan Mall started it, Noah Stokes continued and I am simply following them! So before the voting closes, I though I'll pitch in with my voting as well.

Team Awards

The Net Awards 2014 is over and the winners have been announced. Continue reading to know who I voted for and who actually won!

New Agency of the Year - None
Couldn't choose anyone as all the nominees this year were completely new to me. To be fair, I chose not to vote.

Team of the Year - Squarespace
The folks at Squarespace have done an incredible job in the past one year and their designs have always been a great source of inspiration for me.

Agency of the Year - FFFunction
Hands down, FFFunction beat everyone by a distance. If you are still unsure why, then you should checkout their list of achievments in 2013 on this site.

Individual Awards

Entrepreneur of the Year - Evan Williams
Serial entrepreneur Evan Williams, is the force behind Blogger, when he was at Google. Then he started with Twitter and now Medium. He sure as hell knows how to sell his products and deservedly earns my vote for Entrepreneur of the year award.

Emerging Talent of the Year - None
No clue here, hence, would reserve my right to vote.

Young Developer of the Year - Harry Roberts
I have been following Harry for years now and his work on inuit.css has been a great inspiration for me and I consider it an encyclopedia of CSS.

Young Designer of the Year - Dan Eden
After watching Dan over the years publishing side projects, months after moths and now a full time designer at Dropbox, I had no doubt in my mind before casting the vote for this category.

Developer of the Year - Hakim El Hattab
A tough group to chose from, but Hakim won it in the end. I still remember his experiment on 3D rollover links that I shamelessly copied for one of my projects. Since, then he has built great apps like, SketchToy, Fokus and Slides.

Designer of the Year - Tim Van Damme
My vote was decided on the day when I read Tim's interview on The Great Discontent. An incredible genuine guy with a such modest background. Didn't have to think twice before casting the vote.

Outstanding Contribution of the Year - Chris Coyier
Having interacted with Chris, while writing few guest posts on CSS Tricks, I am confident that he is doing a great job in serving the community by writing web design and development tutorials and articles on CSS Tricks.

Community Awards

Podcast of the Year - Shoptalk
Dave and Chris are funny and their guest list is very impressive. Also this is the only podcast that I listen to, hence, I am biased to vote for them.

Conference Talk of the Year - Mike Monteiro
One of the most fearsome and outspoken man in the web industry, comes out to present, "How designers destroyed the world?". I am so overwhelmed with this talk, that I am embedding it here, so that you can watch it and become equally mesmerized.

Grassroots Event of the Year - None
Did not visit any of them and hence, I am not the right persone to vote for this category.

Project Awards

Best Online Portfolio - Michiel de Graaf
I love Micheil's portfolio website and enjoyed the amount of details described in each of his project, right from the typography to the different gradients of the same color.

Side Project of the Year - Can I Use
I'm surprised this project is still in Beta, even after being available to devs for more than a year. It is amazingly useful and incredibly simple to understand. Hence, it gets my vote.

Demo of the Year - Chris Ruppel
All the demos in this category are great but only few of them actually serve as a tutorial for developers to understand. I liked Chris's CSS 3D Transforms very much and loved how they were used to make your DOM elements jump out of the flatland.

Best Collaborative Project - The Techcrunch Redesign
An all start-studded team assembled by Josh Clark including Dan Mall, Brad Frost, Jennifer Brook, Jonathan Stark and Kristina Frantz. The Techcrunch Redesign is an outcome of the efforts invested by a bunch of talented individuals.

Redesign of the Year - Flickr
Yahoo’s ‘new photo experience’ is big, bold and beautiful. In the reanimating, user's photographs now take central stage. Gone, are acres of white space and text. Now, content shines as do the site’s social sharing mechanism and rightfully earns my vote.

Technology Awards

Game changer of the Year - Sass
After avoiding CSS preprocessors for year, I've grown in love with Sass and cannot imagine my CSS without it. Hence, this certainly is a game changer for me, if not for anyone else.

Best new web technology - BEM
Although BEM doesn't really qualify as a technology, but it surely has redfined the way I write CSS. Block Element Modifier was thought up by Yandex. It’s a front-end naming methodology for CSS. It lets you name your CSS, giving them meaning and transparency when examined by other developers.

Open Source project of the Year - Yeoman
This one was easy! Having used Yeoman for more than year now, I think I am in a perfect position to judge this app and in my mind this surely is a winner.

App of the Year - Sublime Text
This one was a tough one for me; especially chosing between Sublime Text and Hammer for Mac. But Sublime Text emerged out as the winner solely because it is the best editor out there, IMO and all its competitors are nowhere close to where Sublime is right now.

Bottoms up! Now time to wait for May 9th to see how many of them actually won the award.

Out of the 19 categories that I voted for, I got 7 correct. I did not cast my vote for the remaining three categories.