Four years

Its been four years since I last wrote an article on this blog. Even though the domain has been active, the content has been lying dormant for a while. To take a positive spin out of this ongoing pandemic, I promised myself to revive this blog and resurrect the old content for everyone's pleasure.

Albeit, there'll be some articles that still needs formatting based on the new layout, but hold your breath, those changes are coming thick and fast.


The blog still uses Jekyll under the hood supported by Commento as the comment engine which works great for static sites like this. Styling is still a mess and I wouldn't recommend peeking the CSS file as of yet.

VSCode is still the choice editor even after so many years. Netlify takes care of the Nameservers, Custom domain management, Build & Deployment, CDN & caching and practically every other part of the stack under the sun.


I hereby make a promise to myself to be more active on this blog, and resume from where I left of by sharing my learning on web development in as much detail as possible.