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The Apple FBI saga

In the San Bernadino shooting, FBI found an iPhone 5C of one of the gunmen. The FBI has a search warrant to check the contents of the iPhone to build its case.

March 05, 2016  ×  1 min read

For a comprehensive rundown on the technical aspect on this saga, follow this link.

The Challenges

Unfortunately, the iPhone is locked with a passcode and predictably the FBI doesn’t know the passcode. So obviously someone in the FBI needs to guess the passcode to unlock the iPhone. Brute force!, But it is not that simple, why?

What FBI is asking Apple to do?

In lay man terms, FBI is asking Apple to build a backdoor entry by,

In nutshell, FBI is asking Apple to build a custom version of iOS and install the OS directly on the RAM without affecting the user data.

Is it challenging for Apple to meet FBI’s demands?

No. But Apple is more worried that this backdoor entry (read ‘custom iOS’), if it falls into the wrong hands can lead to misuse. If you found this difficult to comprehend, then you are better off using an Android phone! Phew!

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