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Mar 22, 2014

Mistakes in the Design of CSS by W3C

I’m glad that the CSS working group wiki compiled a list of mistakes that were made in the design of CSS and are willing to correct if anyone invents a time machine. My favorite one’s are,

  • rgba() and hsla() should not exist, rgb() and hsl() should have gotten an optional fourth parameter for opacity.
  • The currentcolor keyword should have a dash, current-color.
  • Box-sizing should be border-box by default.
  • background-size with one value should duplicate its value, not default the second one to auto.
  • white-space: nowrap should be white-space: no-wrap.

It is very easy to screw things up, even for design decisions made to build a language used on the web that literally affects the entire world. But it takes a great deal of courage to acknowledge the mistakes commited in the past and develop a genuine intention to resolve them.

Hence, I laud the working group members for this!