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Hello. I'm Pankaj Parashar, 30yo frontend designer, developer from Mumbai, India. I make things for the web and write about them on my blog here.

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Dark Mode

May 29

Its not surprising that dark mode is the new fad in the town after Apple introduced the dark mode in MacOS. I decided to add a toggle button to switch to the dark mode on my blog.

Look Ma! No Media Queries

May 27

If you look under the hood of this website, you will not find any Media queries. That doesn't mean this website isn't responsive. It means it is practically possible to design modern websites with no media queries. Continue reading this article to know how.

Todays JavaScript

May 25 ⋆ Lea Verou

URI Design

May 22 ⋆ Anne van Kesteren

Back to Top reboot

May 16

The Back To Top button has been a holy grail along with the hamburger menu. Historically, jQuery was used to animate the jump from the bottom of the page to the top of the page. Is there a modern day equivalent?

Lighthouse Audit Report

May 14

I deployed the latest version of my website (v9.0) and was quite keen to run the Lighthouse Audit report. Admittedly this is such a small website that getting scores close to 100% is quite easy and not as daunting as a modern web app.

Modern JavaScript for Dinosaurs

Apr 10 ⋆ Peter Jang

Four years

Mar 31

Its been four years since I last wrote an article on this blog. Even though the domain has been active, the content has been lying dormant for a while. To take a positive spin out of this ongoing pandemic, I promised myself to revive this blog and resurrect the old content for everyone's pleasure.

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