Negative Margin, Positive Padding

Neat little trick I learned from Joshua Hibbert's website, where he has effectively used this technique to design backgrounds stretching infinitely on either directions but the content respects the width.

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Random colors in Sass

Randomly generating numbers in Sass is easy using the random() function that was released in v3.3. Interestingly, we can extend this concept to randomly generate colors as well.

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High fives to the folks at GeekPause for featuring me on their blog, as Geek of the Week! Not sure if I deserve the title by any stretch of imagination but I am the first one to be featured there and I am sure that there are many more great folks that will be featured in the coming days.

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Coming up with a cost of an article you’re writing as a guest author for some fancy blog could be quite tricky! Largely because you are unaware of the standard rates charged by fellow technical writers in the developer community and either parties do not want to end up on the losing side.

Thankfully, Expand2Web saved us by designing an infographics that aims to address all the queries and conveniently categorizes the cost based on various parameters that will potentially help you make up your mind.

Copywriting Infographic - How Much Should an Online Article Cost? (via Expand2Web)

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Little old, but Boris Smus introduced a minimal design concept of a business card way back in 2010 that looks incredibly simple but still quite detailed. I immediately, launched Codepen and whipped up an experiment to build this concept using plain-old CSS.

Minimal Business Card

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Thanks to Chris, I once again got the amazing opportunity to write this article as a guest author for CSS-Tricks and also got featured on,

a. Stammy's blog uses a red color progress bar b. Ben Frain's website displays the number of words left c. Information Architects show "minutes left" to indicate the current reading position.

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Modify pseudo elements CSS via JS

Quite often I run into situations where I need to modify the CSS styles of the pseudo elements dynamically. This post shows you different ways in which it can be done!

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The HeartBleed bug

The encryption flaw that punctured the heart of the Internet and has left almost two-thirds of the world's websites vulnerable to attack by hackers.

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Download the web with WGET

Having recently discovered the power of wget command, I have written this article to remind myself the various ways we could use this command to download the world wide web.

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I’m glad that the CSS working group wiki compiled a list of mistakes that were made in the design of CSS and are willing to correct if anyone invents a time machine. My favorite one’s are,

It is very easy to screw things up, even for design decisions made to build a language used on the web that literally affects the entire world. But it takes a great deal of courage to acknowledge the mistakes commited in the past and develop a genuine intention to resolve them.

Hence, I laud the working group members for this!

My entry for this week’s Codepen rodeo challenge titled the “The Chili recipe”.

Codepen Rode challenge
Codepen Rodeo S03W01 Challenge - The Chili Recipe.

Love it if you like it and do not forget to love other pens as well that you might find interesting. The experiment is responsive and works equally well on both small and large screens. Fonts used are Average, Average Sans and Italic subset is from Alegreya.

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RSS to Email via Sendicate

Debuting today, is the new RSS-to-Email feature that I have enabled on my blog using Sendicate. Subscribe to get notified to read new articles on my blog.

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Although a bit old, Ivan Zuzak has written about an interesting concept of using comments in issue tracker of Github hosted blog repository.

Before, starting this blog, I experimented with various techniques to support comments on blog post, but never thought about this unique concept. I am surprised that this technique hasn’t become popular despite it coming to the fore almost 3yrs ago.

I’ll definitely consider them to use it on my blog, someday in future.

Unix file permissions

I have used Unix for the major portion of my professional career, yet I have always failed to understand the intricacies surrounding the file permissioning system. This article is an attempt to dig deep and augment my understanding about them.

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The Net Awards 2014

It’s that time of the year again when the long list of nominees is declared for the Net Awards 2014. Read on to know who am I voting this summer for Net Awards 2014.

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